Thursday, May 27, 2010

Word of the Week = Surgery

This week included a pre-op visit to the foot surgeon for Mary.  Mary suffers from "Tailor's Bunions" and the pain has gotten to the point where she's ready to have the surgery done.  She's having both feet done at the same time and because summer break is short for my kids, she'll be spending the majority of her summer break off her feet recovering from the surgery.  The bigger disappointment (from Mary's perspective) is that she'll be out of work for at least 4-6 weeks.  Target stands to lose a significant amount of income during Mary's absence, as she spends at least half her paycheck at Target!

As if one surgery isn't enough to contend with, our dog is suffering from a torn ligament in her back leg. She suffered the injury about a month ago, but we decided to wait on surgery because the cost is prohibitive and we were hoping if she rested the leg, it might get better on its own.  Today, she exacerbated the injury and she is really hurting, so surgery is a must at this point.  There go any plans for a summer vacation, but, seriously .... how can you resist this face? 

The kids still have school next week for a few days before summer break begins.  I've signed Eric up for a few summer science camps that look like a lot of fun  - one is a robot camp and he gets to make his own robot to bring home. Can't wait to see that!  Eric is also going to "Camp Peggy" again this year, which he and Peggy are both looking forward to.  I'd love to join him because I really miss Peggy - I'm thinking about it, but haven't made plans yet.  I love summer break because I don't have to drag kids out of bed or make lunches for school every morning.  It's so nice! Next year Mary will be a senior ... makes me sad because before I know it, she'll be leaving home too.  Oh well, I'll get lots of Mary time this summer because she'll be stuck at home with me. :)

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!  


worthy said...

Sorry Mary needs surgery, that sounds pretty painful. and your poor pooch too, sounds like the summer isn't going to be much fun in your house. Hope both ops go well xx

Also hope you can try and make the time to go with Eric to 'camp Peggy' it will do you good xx

Christy said...

No Target for 4-6 weeks?!?!? Yeah, I'd be disappointed, too! I hope her surgery and recovery is as painless as possible. The boredom is probably going to be the worst part of the process!

Poor puppy. That is a cute picture. But, I have to say, when I hear stories like that, I'm glad we don't have a pet!

Melisande said...

Hugs to Mary! Hope it is quick and painless as possible!

Susan said...

I'm sorry to hear you have two surgeries this summer. Although it's nice it will give you some extra time with Mary as she is so close to leaving the nest.

Have a great weekend!