Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Albeit, almost over, Happy Mother's Day to all. My Mother's Day was nice. I started by having breakfast with Eric, then exchanged a few texts with Hilary, went on an afternoon bike ride with Mary and finished off the day by going on an evening walk with Jack. In between, I worked out at the gym, cleaned house, did laundry, did some Target shopping and read a few chapters in my book. All in all ... a good day.

Yesterday morning, I got out my camera and captured a typical Saturday morning in the Life. Mark was sleeping (he worked Friday night) and Mary was at work. It's usually just me and the boys hanging out together on Saturday mornings. There's nothing particularly exciting or interesting about this video, but hey .... I'm desperate for blog material, so this is what you get :)

Update on my mom: she was transferred to a sub-acute facility (aka: nursing home) this afternoon. She won't get as much rehab therapy as she would get in an acute facility, but due to all her other issues, she needs more care than just rehab for her leg. She's still having issues with low platelets that wasn't addressed before she was transferred. Not sure where this is all heading, but hopefully, she'll bounce back like she always has.

Have a great week my friends!


worthy said...

Ann, you have a beautiful home. Your living room is bigger than the ground floor of my house!!

Glad you had a good day - though it sounds like a pretty busy one, and glad to hear your mom is getting the care she needs. hope she bounces back quickly.

Happy Mother's Day my friend

Christy said...

Happy Mother's Day, Ann.