Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This and That

I'm not one to stifle my kid's creativity, but really ....

(please disregard the dust)

does his showroom have to be every surface in my house?!

Good thing he's so darn cute!

His first piano recital

(video - it's only about a minute long)

Yesterday was my mom's 71st birthday! She is doing much better in terms of pain and alertness.  She still has a ways to go as far as therapy and gaining use of her non-broken leg. But, she's doing great.  She's one tough lady!

Call me crazy, but I've signed up to walk the Los Angeles 1/2 marathon as part of Team CureCMD at the end of October.  I've just started my training and a friend of mine gave me a training schedule that will (hopefully) help me get in shape so I can finish the walk.  I'm excited to do it and my sisters said they'd walk with me.  I've committed to raising at least $500 for CureCMD, so I will be posting a link at a later time for anyone who may want to support the cause.

Thanks for looking in on us. :)


worthy said...

Great job Eric! (on the piano as well as the models!).

Anne said...

Good for you Ann! You can do the half marathon. I did one last year and I'm doing one in Oct. too. Wish I could come and do the one in LA with you! Hmmm....

Susan said...

I'm so glad to hear your mom is doing well!

Eric did great playing! I so wished I could see his face (and hands)to see his expression. I bet you did too.

Good luck with that walk!

Anonymous said...

Love the "Lego litter" (as we call it in our house)!

Glad your mom is okay.

I'm envious of your half marathon...wish I could make myself take the time!

Have a great week! Kristy

tessy said...

Good luck with the walk Ann. Good for you.

I love Eric's creations. His cuteness will keep him out of trouble for sure.

Your mom is a strong tough lady. Gee I wonder where you get it from. ;)


Melisande said...

yeap, kids just take over the world! :)

Cool about the marathon! I'll donate if I can!

Christy said...

Love his legos. Murphy has the cute little storm troopers, too. He thinks its funny that I think they're cute.

I love that you're walking the Half Marathon! Think you'll consider a slow jog at times???

Great playing Eric and Happy belated birthday to your mom!