Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another Busy Week

Jack got a much needed hair cut this weekend. Thank you, Michelle. We have another week of appointments. Jack sees the neurologist tomorrow for botox injections into his salivary glands ("OUCH"). This is done to help reduce Jack's oral secretions and thus, his drooling. He is supposed to have the injections every three months, however, Jack hasn't had the injections since last June, for obvious reasons. The appointment is at noon, so I'll be heading into work before the rooster crows so I can get in a few hours before I have to leave to get Jack to his appointment. On Tuesday, Jack sees the dentist, so there is another 1/2 day missed of work. Now you understand why I work late and on the weekends ... working in a profession that lives and dies by the billable hour is not compatible with having a medically involved/special needs child. While I do have the flexibility to take off when I need to, the number of hours I have to bill each month is not as flexible. Needless to say, I'm always playing catch up and ... I've yet to catch up!

Tomorrow is Eric's 5th birthday. The plan is to go to lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe (terrible food, but a fun place for the kids) after Jack's appointment. Hopefully, Jack will be up for it. I'll be sure and bring my camera.

Hope you all have a grand week.


julie worthington said...

ooh those botox injections sound painful - to think some people go through them for beauty! Never me, I don't need to go through agony to be beautiful. I'll just remain beautiful on the inside hehehe.
I really cannot imagine how you manage to work, Ann - do you ever get any sleep??
Hope Eric's birthday party is great fun and that Jack gets to enjoy it too.


Anonymous said...

Jack looks so handsome in that pic.
I hope that Eric's birthday will be a very happy day and that you all have lots of fun.

kristy said...

I love Jack's new haircut--he looks so grown up! I don't envy your billable hours. It's hard enough for me to work fulltime without having to worry about billable hours!

Happy Birthday to Eric! I hope the party is fun and that Jack enjoys himself, too!

Have a great week!