Friday, March 02, 2007


Jack's new nurse did fine today ... Jack was alive and happy when I arrived home! I'm a little more "alive" today as well. Thank God it's Friday ... Saturday is my day to sleep in. Have a GRAND weekend everyone!


Melisande said...

Love it! Glad you had a good day with your new nurse! Have a great weekend Schrooten family!

Kari said...


Love Jack's bed; Love Jack, hanging out with his little brother! It's plainly obvious that not only does Jack know what's going on around him, but he's also got a good sense of humor about the whole thing!

That bed's big enough for the whole family to have a Sunday Snooze, and PERFECT for that lazy read a book, watch videos kind of day! Fab!

julie worthington said...

Glad to hear Jack had a good day with his new nurse. Enjoy your weekend lie in.

kristy said...

I love the new pictures! You have the cutest boys! I'm glad the new nurse worked out well. What a relief! Have a great weekend.

Carrie said...

So glad things went well Friday. You both look great!
Hope you got to sleep in really late.
Love ya

Ann said...

You guys are TOO kind, but I appreciate the compliment! You notice I deleted the awful picture from the other night. Love ya! Ann

Anonymous said...

what a sweet photo. you two look like peas in a pod together. So glad the new nurse worked out well.

Anonymous said...

Your family is just beautiful in so many ways!
Kris :-)