Monday, March 19, 2007

Lift off!

I finally learned how to use Jack's lift this weekend. It's not exactly rocket science -- it was just a matter of finding the time to sit still for 5 minutes and listen and learn! (you'd think I was a 5 year old with ADHD). Anyway, Jack loved swinging in the sling and we were able to sit him back in his throne (the couch) for the first time since last July. Wow! There are a few adjustments that need to be made to the track, as it is too low to allow us to lift Jack completely out of his chair (we have to manually lift him over the armrest of his wheelchair) but we should have that issue resolved within the next week or so. I also don't like the fact that he has to sit (or lay) on the sling until we get him back into bed. Oh well ... there is always something to be bothered about, I suppose. At least this one is a small bother.

The nursing drama continues. We've got a different nurse starting tomorrow and he will be working every Tuesday and Thursday. I did not ask our Friday nurse off the case, it just so happened that this new nurse was just freed up from a case and Kristi really wants to only work 3 days a week at our house. They asked me if I'd be comfortable with a male nurse and I am (I think ... kinda, sorta ... I don't know?) I hear this guy is just wonderful with kids, very high energy. My concern is that he will become bored with caring for Jack because, we all know that Jack is anything but high energy. Wish us luck that this nurse works out.

We hope all is well with our friends out there in cyberland who check in on us regularly. We love you guys!

Happy to be back on his "throne"

Lift off!


Kristy said...

I loved the video of Jack, and yes, it made me weep. Jack is amazing and so are you and your family. Sorry I've not been checking in--we were on our first vacation with Nathan and just got back yesterday. What you post about Jack helps me so much in my own struggles as a mother to a special needs child. I feel like it makes me be a better mom to Nathan. Jack is an inspiration! Thank you for sharing him.

julie worthington said...

Jack looks so pleased to be back on 'his throne', glad you are finally able to use the lift. hope the new nurse works out. Lots of love

Kerry said...

Ann- Is that a "hoyer" lift? I've always wondered what they look like.

We have 2 male nurses on our case. We've had 2 others in the past that didn't work out.
The one thing I've noticed with many male nurses is (and please don't flame me any male nurses reading this- I said "many"- not all)
but they have a very hard time taking orders from mothers, or any type of criticism. The 2 I got rid of actually went behind my back and gave a medication that I forbid, or gave a double dose of valium because they felt like it.
Believe it or not, I actually made one of them cry. heh heh He deserved it!

But, they were all reliable!

Keep us posted on your new nurse.

Anonymous said...

He looks very happy to be back on his throne-that's where I remember him being when I was there last year. Go Jack!!