Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Lost Art of Conversation

Whatever happened to people talking to each other to pass the time? I took these pictures this morning on the way to school - no sooner do the girls (Mary and her friend, Nicolette) get in the car and on go the iPods and out come the video games and/or books. I suppose it's my own fault . . . afterall, I did supply my kids with all the latest and greatest gadgets. I'm not without any conversation however, Eric is sitting in the very back of the car talking non-stop to whomever will listen!

On the Jack front -> Jack is having a fantastic week. The botox has kicked in and the drooling has slowed way down. In addition, because Jack doesn't have as much saliva, he doesn't aspirate it (which he tends to do because he doesn't swallow well) and he needs very little suctioning during the day - always a good thing. The new nurse is great -- to say he is high energy is an understatement :-) Mary thinks he is "cool" because he shows up with a bag full of great DVDs for he and Jack to watch. He is so good with Jack and always has him laughing. It's been such a refreshing week to have nothing to worry about.


julie worthington said...

So glad to hear Jack is having fun with his new nurse, he sounds pretty cool.
Our house is full of technology too - ipods, video games, personal dvd players, cellphones!!


kristy said...

Jack's new nurse sounds great! I'm glad you've found someone you trust and someone Jack loves to spend time with. I hope we can avoid the technology a bit longer. Nathan still hasn't watched tv, but I know it'll happen soon...

Have a great rest of your week!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the new nurse is working out. What a relief.

Anonymous said...

Ann, you make me feel guilty. I was wanting to get a DVD to put onthe backseat for Allison to watch in the car. She has to ride an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon if we take Mike to work (so I can have the car)and it is hard on her. Conversation is limited because unless Im looking at her she is very hard to hear and understand in the car! Hang in there. LOL Im glad Jack's new nurse is working out and keeping jack smiling-that's always a good thing! Deb (cariaad)