Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Do it Anyway

The other day I was hanging out in bed with Jack, holding his hand and I got to thinking that not many of you have met Jack in person and really have no idea how much his disease has affected his ability to move his body. The decline in Jack's physical strength has been fairly rapid over the last few years. Jack is able to move only his hands, and even then, his hand movement is very limited. So, I got out my camera and shot some video clips of Jack in "action". As I was looking through the video clips, the thing that struck me the most was not Jack's limitations, rather it was the patience and persistence he displayed as he worked to achieve the task at hand. Although Jack doesn't always "succeed", he always gives it his best effort. After watching this video, I hope you can get some sense of what a special little spirit Jack is ... he truly is my life's teacher. He keeps me grounded and he reminds me daily of what really is important in life. I hope you enjoy the video and if Jack can teach you anything, it's to "do it anyway".


My sister just called to tell me that every time she watches one of Jack's videos that I put together she feels like she is attending his funeral. That certainly isn't how she (or anyone else) should feel. My point in sharing these glimpses into Jack's life is becaue I feel Jack can teach all of us a thing or two by the way he lives his life. Jack still has a lot of life to live and I still have a lot to learn from him. My videos are not intended to evoke emotions of sadness. I truly believe that Jack eas sent to deliver a message -- perhaps a message directed only to me, but this forum allows me to share what I learn from Jack with all of you. So, when you think of Jack ... think happy, not sad thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I was in tears through the whole thing, but when I saw you and Jack holding hands. I lost it. Even though I have never met Jack I do get a sense of his spirit. Ann you do a great job of conveying that to us. Thankyou for that. I often think of that video of Jack when he was pouting because of the Dafo braces and it makes me laugh. I love Jack. You rock buddy.

julie worthington said...

Ann, you had me in tears too, especially holding hands at the end. Thank you for sharing your precious moments. I love you and I love Jack, you are both totally amazing and will always hold a special place in my heart.
Love Juliexxx

Kerry said...

Ann- You got me at the first set of lyrics. Jack's hands remind me so much of my boys' hands. The hand caressing part - profoundly moving. Great job! I love Jack so much.
And yes, I confess I am still in tears. Such sweetness.

Love Kerry

Anonymous said...

You know that's what has kept me going for the last 20+ years! Just keep on doing and trusting God will handle everything. This is your life and you live it to the fullest you can! Keep on keeping on... Gloria

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful video my friend.


PS Eric is so damn cute!! I can't believe he's 5!!

melisande said...


Such a beautiful video. Imagine all we take for granted. Beyond words to see the emotion and meaning in the stroke of a hand and a blink of the eye....True, pure love.

Thanks for sharing Jack with us. He's a beautiful soul with much to teach us all.

Love you both dearly.

Cindy said...

Regarding your sister's comment, I think it depends on your perspective. For me, as an eternal optimist and a person who has kids with disabilities, I see this as a very positive video. Without even seeing Jack's face, I see a determined child trying to "do it anyway":-) The song is definitely up-beat, as is Jack's smile at the end. What is sad, is that if I showed this to my sister, she would find it depressing too. Nothing against our sisters, our kids have just taught us a better perspective;-)

Anonymous said...

Ann, I cant imagine anyone finding anything but joy in videos of jack! I love to see him, and I think he has the best smile inthe world. You are truly blessed to have him, and I feel blessed that you share him with us! Deb McKaughan (cariaad)

Cathy (jordansmom) said...

I loved that video. It made me happy!!! Our little ones sure have given us a new perspective on life. We truly are blessed. Tell Jack he is an awesome person and his life has enriched many. & your a great mom!!!

Kari said...

When I was a kid, my grandpa would say to me, "You're a good girl, Kari...but don't let it go to your head."

That was Grandpa-ese for "I love you".

That last bit, with the hands, I shouldn't presume, but I'm pretty sure that was Jack-eze for "I love you, mom."

And there's nothing sad in that. Nothin' at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I see inspiration and hope when I see Jack. Not sadness, not at all. I see love, joy and a desire to learn in this world.