Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Monday ...

Well, almost Tuesday for some of you. We had a very busy weekend re-arranging and organizing Jack's room. He got a bunch of new furniture to help me organize. With a little help from Target and Ikea -- Jack's room looks pretty cool - he loves the big canopy leaves over his bed. I'm thinking of having someone come in and paint a "headboard" on the wall. Mark had to assemble all the furniture and said he needed a walker to get around today because he was hurting so bad! It was quite the challenge to make Jack's room look as "normal" as possible given all the medical equipment he has. I hid most of the stuff, but couldn't find a place to hide the cough-assist machine (or the vent :-) The pictures aren't very good because of the nightime lighting -- but, as you can see, Jack isn't the only one who is enjoying his new environs.

Not so sure about the Friday nurse yet -- I found out from Kristi that she called Kristi on Friday because Jack's heart rate was over 170! Not sure why she didn't call me instead? (actually, I'm quite certain why she didn't call me :-) Jack had a rather crappy weekend ... not sure how much was related to Friday. I'm not particularly looking forward to this Friday. I just hate this ... *Sigh*


kristy said...

Jack's room looks great! I love the leaves over the bed. I think the room looks remarkably equipment free...I hope the new nurse works out. It is always scary when you have a new one to "break in." Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Ann -

Nice room. I've considered getting a bed like that for Will too. I agree that it makes sense for the, hopefully, few times you have to be at his side during sickness. Your great shots of the other kids with Jack inspires me to look into this more. They look to be really enjoying eachother's company - even over watching TV.
- betty

julie worthington said...

Jack's room looks great, and the family look so comfortable relaxing there. Hope Mark is feeling better now!

Love Juliex

Anonymous said...

Jack, your room looks great. I love the pic with the kids all in bed with Jack.
I hope the new nurse workd out well.