Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jack's New Bed

Jack's new bed arrived and it's wonderful. Even though it's a queen, it doesn't seem that big. We both love the massage feature! Here are some pictures from this evening. (Yes, I'm as tired as I look!)

Jack's other bed was a captain's bed with lots of shelves and drawers ... we will be running around this weekend trying to find replacements for those items since he doesn't have anywhere to put his clothes, stuffed animals, books or medical equipment now.

Eric has been sick with some respiratory crap, so I have been giving him breathing treatments. Jack is getting the biggest kick out of the fact that it's Eric and not him who has to be "attended to". Jack was laughing out loud while Eric was getting his treatment.

Eric having fun with Jack.

Tomorrow is our first day with a nurse other than Kristi since Jack got home from his surgery last summer. Wish us luck.

Hope you had a wonderful day.


julie worthington said...

Love the new bed! Jack looks pretty pleased with it. I can really see him laughing at Eric. Hope all goes well with the new nurse and you can get some rest Ann. ((((HUGS))))


CArrie said...

Great new bed, looks very comfy!!
I'm glad Jack gets to laugh at Eric's expense.
I hope Eric feels better soon and I hope the new nurse works out.
Happy Friday
Love ya

Melisande said...

Jack does look mighty happy! Love to see those smiles! Cool that you two can share that cool bed!

Karen said...

I was DYING at jack's face when Eric was taking his breathing treatment. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

That is great that Jack thought it was funny about his brothers breathing treatments. So cute.
That looks like an awesome Bed Jack. I hope you enjoy it.

Cindy said...

Massage feature? Very cool! Glad you are all enjoying Jack's new bed:-)