Thursday, March 29, 2007


Eric came home from school with this ... I thought it was too cute not to share (so humor me and tell me you agree :-)

Jack has recovered nicely from my deviation from the acceptable standard of care. He's appropriately humidified and back to his happy ol' self! I can't imagine anything worse than having to rely on other people and/or machines to provide for every single need in your life - especially when a mistake by the people you rely on can be devastating. It breaks my heart ... but, I just tell myself that Jack doesn't know any different (that is about relying on others, not about mistakes being by people he depends on - fortunately, those are few and far between.)

Have a great Friday my friends.


julie worthington said...

I just love the picture of Eric, he looks like such a little monkey, I bet he keeps you busy.
Glad to hear Jack is back to his smiling self again, we love our old smiling Jack! ((((HUGS))))

Cindy said...

Very cute poster Ann. But I didn't know playing with bugs was illegal;-)

becca said...

that is a great picture of Eric and glad to hear that Jack is back to himself


kristy said...

Eric is adorable! A great picture! I'm glad Jack is back to normal and feeling good. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

That was so friggin' cute. hahaha love it.
I see a twinkle in that boy's eye.
hee hee