Friday, August 04, 2006

Are we having fun yet?

I seriously thought I might be able to get some work done while I was "hanging out" at the hospital this last week. However, there is not a lot of hanging out going on. It takes two people to do anything with Jack - one to log roll him (the ONLY way we are allowed to move him) and the other person to do whatever needs to be done (diaper change, put on body jacket, change sheets, etc). I spend the majority of the day at his bedside assisting with his care --which I absolutely want to do, but forget getting anything else done. Jack is still not digesting his food, so they did an abdominal x-ray to make sure there were no problems with his intestines or bowels. Everything looked fine, so the plan is to get more aggressive with getting food in him and helping him move it along. It's now unlikely we'll get out of here on Monday as he has to be back to his full feeds before we can leave and he's not even close to that.

Jack is off of his IV morphine and is now on oral (g-tube) oxycodone. He had a good day pain-wise and tolerated everything well. He stayed awake for much of the day and even watched two movies without falling asleep. I almost got a smile out of him when we were singing along to Raffi's "Spider on the Floor". We are very close! Although, rumor has it that he shared a smile with Peggy and our friends, David and Amy when they were visiting the other night. He must still be mad at me for putting him through this :-(

Thanks to Kristy for stopping by to visit with us and especially for getting me my caffeine fix for the day. Thanks also to everyone who has sent balloons, stuffed animals, and cards -- your thoughtfullness is very much appreciated.

It's late and I'm tired. I'm sorry this is such a boring update. Maybe something exciting will happen over the weekend that I can report on, but I wouldn't count on it.

Jack is holding on to Gumby for dear life in the picture.


Anonymous said...

Jack's picture looks so good, he looks very peaceful and comfortable, only hope that you can get to that point. Love G-ma

Anonymous said...

Jack's picture looks so good, he looks very peaceful and comfortable, only hope that you can get to that point. Love G-ma

Anonymous said...

Jack's picture does look good, i hope he'll smile for you soon. Glad his pain management is better and that he's staying awake longer that's good sign. give him a hug and kiss from us. Hope he gets back to eating soon.

becca and jonah

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
Have been checing the blog everyday and glad things are settling down. The photos are great and I hope you get your smile very,very soon! Thinking of you and still praying for Jack's continued recovery. Please look after yourself and take care.

Lots of love

Bea and Katie.

mom2twinsplus1 said...

Looking much better. I hope he starts digesting better so you guys can go home. Get well soon Jack

Julie Worthy said...

Jack looks lovely in the picture, very peaceful and relaxed, so he must be pretty comfortable. Hope you can get some rest.

Love Julie and Sam xxx

Anonymous said...

I haven't posted any comments for a few days, but having been thinking of you both often!! Jack is looking very good...he's been such a trooper! Hugs to you both!!


Melisande said...

Well, it good to see him progress. Morphine is bad for digestion. Hopefully, he start "moving" soon. I'm sure that will make him feel better too!

Ann, you and Jack continue to be in our constant thoughts and prayers. Each day is one day closer to getting better.

Kerry said...

Elijah and Milo send 'high fives' to Jack. I send kisses and a big sqwooshy hug. Maisie sends a kiss and a wink.

Richard Simmons said...

Go Jack Go! You can do it!
I love you Jack! I love life!

Cindy said...

I love Gumby:-) Hang in there Jack!