Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Good News, Bad News

The ID (infectious disease) doctors came by this afternoon. The good news is that they believe the first culture (from 2 days ago) is a contaminate and the culture from the blood draw last night is not growing anything yet. The bad news, based on his CBC and some "banding" they are seeing, they believe he does have a bacterial infection somewhere. As of now, they don't think it's the "bad" staph infection (no one has said "MRSA" -- but, I know that is what they are worried about). More bad news - they want to do another arterial stick for another culture and we are here until at least Thursday now. God grant me patience. Jack also has a rash from the "big guns" antibiotic they are giving him. They are going to continue giving it to him since the rash is mild and, in his case, if he has a severe reaction, we don't have to worry because he has a secure airway - the "bonus" of having a trach and already being on life support. :-) Overall, Jack is doing well. His incision looks great and he doesn't act like he is in much pain anymore (unless they are sticking him with a needle). He is still running low grade fever (around 100) and he is sleeping a lot. I think he is just really bored with this place too.

Here's to at least 2 more nights in "paradise" . . . have a great evening.


Anonymous said...

Ann, hmmm hmmm it is good that Jack seems to be doing ok minus those crazy needles. I hope he does not culture MRSA. I only wish you had more relief. Please know we are thinking of you and Jack. It will be worth it in the end even if it is hard to imagine now. Keep your head up. Hugs, Whitney

mom2twinsplus1--Lori said...

Thanks for the update. I will pray its not MRSA. I am thinking of you and praying for you as well. Just hang in there.

Anonymous said...

The polar bear may not have his head up, but he is moving forward at least! Better to move forward (albeit with a 'rug' burn on your chin) than to be moving in circles or worse - backward!

With all these people pulling for you and Jack, it's got to get better soon!


Anonymous said...

That just sucks.

Melisande said...

Oh Ann and Jack,

It sounds as though they are on top of it. Better to know now than on the way home. They'll get you some good antibiotics on board and sent to AZ soon! Love you two!


Brittany Spears said...

Oh Ann! Two more nights, two more months, it's all the same. (ok, I am being extremely sarcastic in case you haven't noticed)
I really want to start hearing some good things from Jack. So I will do that praying thing again.

Love Special K

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that I'm still thinking of you guys-aren't able to get to the computer that often anymore-but when I do I'm checking here. Know that you guys are in my prayers.
Katie and Mitchell

barb said...

I'm glad you have Brittany around -- she makes life more amusing!!! Please hang in there. Wish I could jump in there for you. You need a break from being a b**** and I'm pretty good at doing that!!
Love, Barb

Julie Worthy said...

Sending lots of love and hugs. Hope it isn't MRSA and hope they don't have to stick our darling Jack any more ((((HUGS))))


Cindy said...

"Bonus" to being on life support, LOL. Ya, that and free parking;-) Hang in there guys!