Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hurry up and wait

No real news to report today. Jack hasn't had an incident of respiratory distress for 24 hours, the drain is still in and the chest CT is off. Apparently, with all the hardware in Jack, they don't feel like a CT scan will yield any useful information (whoever they are). So we sit and wait ... for what I don't know. Thanks for waiting it out with us.


Cher said...

Jack, I got you babe. Put your little hand in mine
There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb. Babe. I got you babe. I got you babe.

Babe. I got you babe.

Well, Jack Schrooten. Your momma's got you, and she will be the one to hold your little hand and climb mountains with you!

I would like to hold your tiny little, hand with it's chubby little fingers, but I can't reach that far from NJ. (ps, that is where I am staying for my next concert, it's really nice here, maybe you can move here)

Julie worthington said...

I'm so sorry that things aren't moving quicker Ann. Sending lots of prayers for you, Mark and Jack.

Love Julie