Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yet another "bump" in the road

I swear if we get Jack home in one piece it will be a miracle. Mark called to let me know that Jack has a good size pressure sore on his back, near the incision from the body jacket. He called the orthopedic nurse practioner and emailed her a picture of what it looks like - who then passed it on to the orthopedic resident. Her answer -- bring Jack back to the hospital. Not only NO, but HELL NO! Mark now has to put Jack in the car and get him to the orthotist's office to make further adjustments to the body jacket. No small feat when you consider he cannot sit in his regular wheelchair and must be in a fully reclined position at all times. If he has a pressure sore after only about 5 hours in the body jacket yesterday, what will he have after 28 hours in the car?

When I mentioned to the nurse practioner that we were not at all prepared for what was required post-surgery and that we should never had been told we could get Jack home by car so soon after surgery, her response was that the surgeon wasn't expecting Jack's bones to be as "soft" as they were and that is the reason for the extensive brace and the strict rules regarding moving him. I have to be honest, I'm scared $#%-less that Jack's bones are not going tolerate the hardware ever.

Hopefully, this is just a minor and fixable "bump" on the road to recovery (and home!)

Pictures from Jack's trip home from the hospital yesterday and hanging out at Peg's today.


Melisande said...


You are legitimately concerned for Jack. You all sound like you're on top of it and hopefully, this will be just a bump. We'll continue to pray! I can't blame you for not readmitting Jack. It's entirely too soon. This can be addressed outpatient. Jack's so lucky to have you as a mom! I'm sure he knows it too!

Anonymous said...

Ann.... I want to send you a nice big box of red slippers so you can magic your way home. I hope this does not impact your plans to head to Phoenix. Jack is a tough cookie and so is his mom (and dad)!! Praying and hoping, Whitney

Julie worthington said...


Hope this is just a little 'bump' and that there are no more bumps. Glad to see Jack is out, I bet he is loving it. Sending lots more hugs and prayers your way.

Love Julie

Anonymous said...

Oh Ann,

Sorry to hear this, I also wish I could magic you all home today! Stay strong and I hope this is resolved very soon. So nice to see the pictures of Jack out of hopital. Praying he is home soon.

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, you guys need to catch a break sometime.

Janet Sartori said...

A bed sore...good grief! Get somebody that is a specialist in the area to tell you what to do. So many nurses, docs just slap on this or cover it with that and really there is a whole new direction of thinking regarding wound care now. We see a lot of folks in our clinic that the wound care team meets up with them in our office for dressing changes. They have got foam, gel, spray stuff, you name it and it really does work...that is if you get the right stuff.
I agree...somebody needs to buy you and Jack red ruby slippers. Of course in substite of the slippers, a slip of nitrious, a sip of wine and a nip of xanax never hurt anyone...even if it didn't get them home.
Hugs love,

Anonymous said...

there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home......

you will get there!!!!

lots of love to you both
xo christina