Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A little bit of this and a little bit of that ...

Thank you to everyone who shared kind words about Peggy -- she is definitely an angel here on earth.

For those of you interested in the day-to-day hum drum of our post-spinal fusion drama, here's what's new today:

* The ID doc reduced the volume of vanc by 25% and put it back to the every 12 hours schedule (score!!) It wasn't a big deal and, in fact, he told me that he realized after he hung up the phone with our pediatrician that every 18 hours probably wasn't very practical outside of the hospital environment. I give him a lot of credit for recognizing that there is life outside the hospital.

*For Betty -- Jack's hospital bed is "first-class", fully electric and is a special order "Reverse Trendelenberg". Aren't you impressed? :-) Apria tried to deliver us the piece of crap bed you referred to, but I was given the name of a company on the East coast that supplies hospital beds for kids here in Arizona who are part of the vent dependent program and the woman with that company told our insurance company that Apria wasn't cooperating and that we needed this specific type of bed and she got it for us. Kuddos to good customer service.

*Jack has several new pressure sores on his back on the areas where his ribs now stick out - having been displaced by all the hardware. Not much we can do about it except keep him laying on his sides and out of the body jacket.

*Jack has a swollen elbow -- might be broken because it's swollen above, at and below the elbow. However, since his arm is contracted, it can't be splinted so I doubt they (the infamous "they") could do anything about it. We have it in an ace wrap and are keeping it elevated and iced.

*News flash .... I am soooo tired!

*Pics of Jack hanging out in his room in the "position" he will assume for the next 6 months ... doing nothing but watching his videos. Needless to say, Jack is not sharing too many smiles these days.

Well, that's about it from here. Thanks for continuing to leave us words of encouragement, humor and support. We appreciate them all!


Pat Killen said...

Just want you to know we are keeping you all in our prayers and hoping that you get some rest!
Let me know if you want to run bags are packed! HAHA

Janet Sartori said...

Reverse trendelenberg...that bed is "tricked out". All you need to do is add a lift kit, 23 inch rims with spinners and KC lights and you "be da man" with the bed! I see Gumby hasn't gone far from your side Jack. Is Eric your to go guy and looking out for you? I know he is cause he is a wonderful little ball of energy! We've been praying for ya guy. So sorry to hear about the sores and your arm. When you do it Jack, you do it grand!

Perhaps I'll slip an ambien in the package I still haven't got around to shipping out yet. Of course I don't want to send you into a coma. But I bet the idea of a week long coma sounds nice right about now, eh? Perhaps this long weekend coming up you can schedule in a few naps. Oh, who are we kidding! But we can dream for you!
Hugs sweet gal!

Anonymous said...

Ann -

I'm glad you worked to get the good bed. It isn't easy :) And the vanco debate worked your way. I hope things keep on improving.

I love Jack's flat screen TV. It looks like he will have some distractions, so I hope that keeps him busy and starts some smiles again.

- betty

Pauline Smith said...

Hi Jack,

I am glad that you are home and have your special bed. I think you have a super mom and you are a super kid. Since I work for your have a super dad also :).

Glad that Dr. Jack is among his bear friends.

Hope you have a great day.

Melisande said...


It will have been along haul for Mr. Jack when his 6 months is up! God bless his little heart! I hope it goes quickly and that you guys can get some rest too!

Anonymous said...

I love reading about jack and what he is up to. I hope that he enjoys his videos. I also love seeing the pics.

julie worthington said...

Hi Ann

Just got back from holiday so had to check in and see how 'our boy' was doing. Glad you are finally home and in familiar surroundings, but sorry, that Jack's journey is far from over. At least you got the vanc dose sorted out!
Hope you and Mark can get some rest. I loved your wonderful words about Peggy - there just aren't enough people in the world like her. Big (((HUG))) for Peggy and lots of ((((HUGS)))) for you and Mark.
Love Julie