Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A little humor

This pretty much sums up how Jack and I are both feeling today! I'll update as soon as I know something.


Erica said...

OK, that bear is seriously dragging, but A) it's still moving and B) it looks like it's going somewhere (maybe home from the hospital???)
Hang in there you guys!

Janet Sartori said...

Ann & Jack
I have been working all weekend and haven't gotten to a computer. Hang in there sweetie! Thinking about that polar bear..if he got mad and stood up...alot of folks would pay attention. I'm glad he's still moving. Moving is good. Did they culture the tip of the central line? My nurse brain is kicking in...and I've got lot of ideas swimming around. I'll check in on you later. Mac starts daycare tommorrow and this weekend is the first weekend that I haven't been "scheduled" to work. Big changes now.
Praying for Jack and you love. Keep the rear wheels moving.

Anonymous said...

Got home last night from our reunion and I was sorry to read what's been going on there. I'll call you either later today or tomorrow. Prayers being said round the clock.

Love you,

Cindy said...

Whatever it takes to get there, LOL!

julie worthy said...

Hope you guys can manage to lift that head up soon. Keep hanging in there.

Sending lots of hugs

Gloria said...

And this too shall pass.....
I pray for an early out and all good things with any infection Jack has. God and I are routing for you!!!