Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One Step Forward

Jack's drain came out today ... so, the chylothorax is (hopefully) resolved. Jack continues to do well. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Mark. He doesn't tolerate the lack of sleep as well as I do and he was sick this morning with a migraine and puking. He was upset because around midnight, after he and Jack had finally fallen asleep, several respiratory therapists came into the room to orient one of them on Jack's home vent. They made no attempt to be quiet and were talking as if no one was sleeping in the room. Mark couldn't fall back to sleep after that.

The orthopedic resident indicated that Friday could be discharge day. That said (and now that I'm home and in no hurry to go back to St. Louis) ... we've asked for a Monday discharge day. It's makes no sense to discharge Jack heading into a weekend where we can't get in touch with the people we need to if there are problems. We've also decided not to get on the road right away, but to give Jack a few days out of the hospital and stay in town to see how things go. If he is discharged on Monday, the plan will be to head home on Thursday. I'm probably going to fly back out next Wednesday. I haven't decided yet if I should be at the hospital on discharge day. As much as I hated leaving Jack, it's almost as difficult for me to leave my other kids and the "normalcy" of being home. I need a fairy godmother to wave a wand and get Jack back home effortlessly. It's nice to fantasize anyway.

Have a great day and thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.


Melisande said...


I'm trying to get there on Friday evening. If not, it maybe Sunday morning. I know I met Mark at MW 2005. We'll hope for status quo until discharge.


Anonymous said...

Here's to "normalcy", right? Poor you-I would be your fairy godmother if I could!!

Much love-

Anonymous said...

I have been thinkng about Jack every day and hoping and praying for some good news. I'm glad you are able to be home for awhile, but I know you must miss Jack terribly! Sending lots of prayers your way.
Grace and Peace,

Anonymous said...

Ann, I'm so sorry that you're having to put up with political crap! On the one hand I wish you guys could get out of there pronto, but on the other hand I know how scary it is for you to think of Jack leaving there at this point in the game. Sending love and wishes for Jack to feel better, Mark to get some sleep, and you to have your guys home safe and sound.



KSB said...

Ann, I'll be crossing my fingers for a Monday discharge. Try and enjoy at least a little of your time at home.
Please know that we're all praying for Jack.

Love Kerry

Janet Sartori said...

I would jump up and down and shout hooray for Monday as your discharge day...but I am the fat lady and I guess I'll wait to sing on Monday to seal the deal. Just want to jinx you for the good. I have decided that since we are parents of special needs kids with many a difficulty in this lifetime, that in our next lifetime we ought to be able to choose what or who we want to be. Haven't quite decided but here are my top three: the bartender on the Loveboat, official taster for Ben and Jerry's ice cream, or the one person who makes skinny go out of know "fat would be the new skinny". Is any of that normal? Who cares if we're all having fun, right?
Love ya gal...crossing my fingers, toes, nose and eyes for ya.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jack! I am happy that the drain came out...let's hope all goes well and that Monday is Discharge Day! Sending restful vibes to Mark and Jack...and hugs to you, Ann.


Anonymous said...


I'm so glad to read that Jack is getting better. I wish things could go easier on all of you bringing Jack back home. Have faith that all is going to work out well and your family will be reunited soon.


julie worthington said...

So glad to hear that the drain has finally come out, definitely a step in the right direction. I'll pray for discharge on Monday and hope that your family will be reunited on Thursday. Hope Mark has a better nights sleep tonight.