Friday, August 25, 2006

One Day Closer to Home

We arrived safely in Albuquerque tonight. Today was a little tougher on all of us. Mark actually let me drive (which is a 1st) because he is so tired. Jack wasn't very comfortable for most of the trip. Because he has to be in his body jacket and there is no way to take him out of it once he's in the car, we cannot change his diaper the entire day. He was completely soaked -- shirt and all -- by the time we got to our destination tonight. He also got a fat lip when the DVD player -- which sits on his chest -- fell over onto his face when I was trying to reposition him. I spent a good part of the day in tears every time I looked at Jack and he looked back at me with those questioning eyes. I wish we could put Jack in the car without his body jacket, it would make for a much more bearable ride, but I know it would not be prudent to do that. As if the ride wasn't difficult enough, as soon as we get to the hotel, Jack has to get the infusion of vancomycin -- a very nasty medicine that makes him feel even more miserable. Sometimes, this just sucks, you know?

Please pray for Jack's comfort tomorrow as we finish the final leg of this journey. Thank you.


Pat said...

We pray tomorrow goes smooth for all of you...especially Jack. I am sure you will all feel much better at home in your own beds. Hang in there..and please let us know if we can do anything when you are back in town.
Pat and Chuck

Anonymous said...

I so wish you could click your heals and be home. I will pray that Jack is more comfortable tomorrow. That really has to break your heart. Praying for a safe trip!

Hugs, Sandra

Anonymous said...

Ann, I hope everything goes well tomorrow. I am sure you will be very happy to get home. Hugs, Whitney

julie worthington said...

Praying that the next leg of the journey is a little more comfortable for Jack and you are soon home. Almost there now ((((HUGS))))

Love Juliexxx

Kathy Hawley said...

Almost there, home will look and feel so good for all of you. Thinking of you today. I'm hoping Jack is a little more comfortable.
Love and prayers for a safe journey,

Carrie said...

I hope today is a smooth ride home for all of you.
Lots of Hugs,Love and Prayers

Melisande said...

We'll pray for a quick and more comfortable trip for Mr. Jack! Homeward bound!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ann, I can just imagine that your heart is breaking. I am praying for a comfy trip home. I am praying to give you the strength that you need too.

Lots of love,