Sunday, August 13, 2006

Home Sweet Home

It sure is nice to be home ... if only temporarily. It's very strange to be here without Jack. I'll be doing something and I think to myself ... I need to go check on Jack. It's eerily quiet without the sound of the vent going 24/7.

I talked with Mark multiple times today and Jack had an uneventful day. That is good. Our dear friend Peggy came by to relieve Mark and when I spoke with her, she confirmed that Jack was having a good day. He's having a tough time with all the antibiotics -- he turns red as a beet when he gets them and I'm sure they make him uncomfortable. Peg also had to let me know that everyone just "loves" Mark. For those of you who don't know Mark -- he is the polar opposite of me, so I imagine they are all enjoying his calm demeanor. Mark is also quite funny and I hear he has them all laughing. I'm not sure they will let me back in Jack's room when I return.

Today was a relaxing day just hanging out with my other three kids. My sister, Maureen, is in town from New Jersey. I'm glad I was able to see her before she left. We had dinner at my other sister's house and several friends from our church/school came over as well. Of course, I feel guilty enjoying myself while Mark and Jack are in "prison". I'm not sure when Jack is going to be able to bail from the hospital. He still has his drain in and that has to come out before he can leave. Plus, we have to learn how to care for the broviac - something I have no desire to learn, but I guess I have to. Yuk! If Jack behaves himself, it's possible he could get out of there by Friday.

I don't have a picture of Jack to share today, so here are some taken at my sister's house this evening. The pictures from the top down are (1) Mary (on the right) and her cousin Shannon; (2) Eric in the pool; (3) me getting "report" from Mark; (4) me and my sisters, Joan and Maureen.

Thanks for your continued prayers and words of support. Jack and I are very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family looking out for us.


Julie Worthy said...


Glad to see you got some r and r, even though you obviously couldn't get off the phone to Mark. Nice too that Jack had an uneventful day. I probably won't get to check in till Thursday as we have to move out for the builders this morning, will be thinking of you all.

Love Julie

Drop Dead Fred said...

You look good, for someone who'd be pardoned by a jury of her peers for first degree murder with a suction catheter...

Seriously, I'm SO glad it's been quiet. Here's to more quiet. Lots more quiet. And then a quick and uneventful escape!


Janet Sartori said...

Your life of medical merry go round must stop with a brief respite for your sanity. I know without a doubt that your mind wasn't far from that hospital room but you must take care of yourself so you don't get SICK! Ok, it's out there so I jinx you for the good because since you are taking care of will stay healthy and most importantly sane. Do catholics pardon Sainthood to mothers...and if so who do I contact? I know you feel like playdough but honey you are a rock...specfically a diamond cause you have got the right stuff. I wish you didn't have to have the right stuff and I wish Jack didn't have to be so damn tough. My heart just sunk as I read about the infections and all the antibiotics. I love ya honey and you can take care of the's not rocket science and even if it could do it. I wish I could hop on a plane and help you pack up Jack and bring him home...I'd bring my flying carpet of course and my clonopin, xanax and the happy healthy fairy. I like my world and I'm staying here...for as long as I can.
Love you sweet love...from SLC to STL to PHX and back!

Kathy said...

Hi Ann,
I am glad that you are getting some relief and able to spend sometime with your other children.I read your post and i am glad that Jack hasnt had anymore bad events and that soon you will be looking at him coming home.We are all still praying for jack and your family and hope that we will see his smiling face at home real soon.take care

Sharon said...

So glad that you are getting some much needed R & R! I know it is difficult though, and I'm sure you want to cut yourself into two and be home and at the hospital too. Your family is absolutely beautiful! Love the pictures! Are you sisters triplets? Just remember, uneventful is good, right! Praying for a Friday discharge for Jack, your handsome young man! Those smiles will be reappearing then!
Sharon & Hannah

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, it still sucks for you guys. I am really sorry to hear that. Don't feel guilty about having some fun. You deserve it. You have to recharge your batteries.
Lots of love,

Darth Vader of Outer Space said...

May the force be with you Jack Scrooten.

And your mom too!

Note from my friend Kerry: Hey, sister Maureen, get your sister Ann to get her buns over here to NJ!!! I'm just about an hour away from you in Monmouth Co. (Bradley Beach).