Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I'll post an update later this evening, but here are some pictures of Jack today. He's watching his favorite movie - Shrek, yet .... still no smiles.


Julie Worthy said...

Poor wee Jack, we are really missing your smile.

Love Julie

Robin L said...

Hang in there Jack. Tell your Mom to get some rest too. Yeah i know shw won't listen. ha ha

Take care of yourself Ann.


Anonymous said...

hi mom.

tell jack that mary says hello and that she misses him. i miss you too, ill probably call you tonight.


Anonymous said...

Ann, poor sweetie!! Jack is such a trooper. I hope you are able to get a little rest (mental and physical).

Hugs and love to you and Jack,


mom2twinsplus1 said...

Poor Jack, he is looking much less swollen and i hope he continues to get better. I hope he smiles for you soon

Janet Sartori said...

If it aint' one thing it's twenty others. You both are the bravest folks I know...but like you have a choice! You just do it because you have to and because you love them. Ann you are awesome and Jack is just beyond words. I'm very proud of you for NOT throwing the ventilator at them. Doesn't mean you can't suddenly get violently ill and throw up on them...second best for me.
Chin up woman, we love you!

kristi said...

Hi Ann and Jack,
Jack looks alot better today. Tell him I said hi and miss him lots. I will see you both on Monday.

Love Kristi M

Anonymous said...

Jack looks so much better, but still no smiles :( Poor little bunny!



Anonymous said...

He looks so much better - that first smile can't be far away. I hope you are both able to rest and keep up your strength. You are both amazing!

Take care, Leigh Ann

Anonymous said...


It is natural that Jack is not yet feeling like smiling. He probably feels groggy from the pain medication and having that brace on is probably not something he is used to yet. For how long does he have wear it? Tell Jack I like Sherk too. They made Sherk 3. I'll bet he will want to see it.


Gloria said...

Poor little guy! I will be glad for you when he gets a smile on his fact! Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

Jack does look better in those pics. His smile will be lighting up your day very soon...

Just know we continue to pray for his healing and strength for all.


Anonymous said...

Ann -

I hope you see smiles soon. My Will is very similar - he is non-verbal among other similarities - and we always know he is just not right if he won't smile. At least you understand that, so can tell the Team for Jack.

Here is my joke for the day (political, though). An aide comes in and tells Pres. Bush that 2 Brazilians were killed in Iraq today. Bush quiets down, prays, then looks up and ask the aide - how many is a brazillion anyway?

- Betty

Cindy said...

I know that look... He probably won't smile until you tell him it's time to go home:-)

That's quite a body jacket Jack! Looks like two pieces front and back, they did a nice job on that.

Hang in there Jack and Ann!