Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lazy Saturday

Today has been very low key. Jack is back to his old self in that he won't nap. He's been awake all day watching movies on his DVD player. I, on the other hand, am struggling to keep my eyes open. Our friends David and his daughter, Myra, came by for a visit and made Jack's day.

Mary -- good luck at the feis tomorrow. Remember, high kicks and pointed toes. Love, Mom



Sir Michael Flatley, I am the Lord of the Dance! said...

Go Jack! Ye must be up and feeling better much soon, young lad. Your sister did a fine job at the feis! Oh, whatta sis ye got there, Jack!
And whatta fine boy ye are! Ye ma is a lucky lady!

Gle mhaith!

Julie Worthy said...

Sounds like Jack is on the mend, great!! Nice to have friends to visit, too.

Love Julie

Anonymous said...

Ann, I dreamed of you and Jack last night. It was a very vivid and happy dream. Handsome Jack was smiling and hummed a tune for me. You looked like you'd had a week of good night's sleep. I hope that soon this is the reality, not just a happy dream. I cant believe you didnt even get a private room-I'd be raising the roof over that! Big hugs, Deb McKAughan

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that Jack's on an upward swing now! Sending lots of healing hugs your way :)

Dawna and Tristan

Annette said...

I'm glad to see that Jack is on the mend!!!! Hang in there Ann. Big hugs and kisses are being sent your way from me and Ashley.

Annette & Ashley

Anonymous said...

hey mom. its the morning of the feis and we havent left yet. i was just saying thanks for telling me good luck and i will remember my high kicks and pointed toes :) anyway tell jack i said hello and that i miss him.

love, mary.

Melisande said...

Glad Jack is looking up! Hugs to you both! Hope you can get some rest soon!