Monday, August 07, 2006


Jack had a couple of visitors today. Shannon and Jack came by to say "Hi", as did "Millie" the dog. Jack wasn't too impressed with Millie, but he was happy to see his buddy Jack.

We'll know tomorrow what the course of treatment is. The infectious disease docs said that they will check the cultures tomorrow to confirm what is growing. It could be a form of staph that is bad news or it could be what they call a contaminate - a staph that all of us carry on our bodies. If it is the former, life will get complicated. Please pray it's only a contaminate.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...


We continue to pray here in Cinci that things turn around quickly for Jack. Lifting you all up in prayer...


Anonymous said...


We're hoping you receive some good news tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Ann -

I hope you have the lesser of the bad news of the infection for Jack :( Your weekend postings sounded like you were tired and bored, so I was hoping for good news when I checked in today. We are all thinking of you and Jack.

- betty

mom2twinsplus1--Lori said...

I will light a candle and pray very hard tonight for Jack. God Bless him Let me know if there is anything else I can do

KB said...

Ann- Please know that we all love you guys and that there are a lot of prayers out there for Jack.
I haven't stopped thinking good thoughts for Jack and you.

Much love,

Gloria said...

I'm throwing a life line...lots of prayers that God will carry you through (think of the footprints prayer). I can ONLY imagine how you're feeling with the latest and I pray the infection is the good (!) kind. I think the incision not being red is a good sign (to me--as I've had infected surgurical things happen). We're holding down the front at work, so don't worry about things--although it probably feels good to talk to Martha to get your mind off of things. I'm so very sad for what Jack and you have to go through and pray things will turn around for you and you'll be on your way home in a few days. Keep the faith! I know all those prayers from all of us do help!!! Gloria

Anonymous said...

Ann and Jack,
Big hugs and prayers for some answers soon. We have "nursing issues" right now so I was unable to get down there today. I'll keep trying! I've got you both on my mind. I hope sweet Jack is feeling better very soon.
Grace and Peace,